Jim Colyer – Leaving
Michael Colyer – Michael B
Michael Colyer – Someday Michael
Michael Colyer – Great Believer
Michael Colyer – Ease Into The Future
Elvis Presley – I Love You
Elvis Presley – Long Live Rock & Roll
Elvis Presley – Music And Women
The Beatles – Long Live Rock & Roll
The Beatles – Back In The 60s
The Rolling Stones – Back In The 60s
Crosby, Stills & Back In The 60s
Janis Joplin – Long Live Rock & Roll
Jimi Hendrix – Long Live Rock & Roll
Jim Morrison – Long Live Rock & Roll
ABBA – Long Live Rock & Roll
Agnetha Faltskog – Agnetha
Frida Lyngstad – Darling Frida
Daisy Duke – Come Live With Me
The Bee Gees – Long Live Rock & Roll
Olivia Newton-John – 1979
John Travolta – 1979
Marie Osmond – Sweet Marie
Shania Twain – Line Dancer
Shania Twain – Looker
Shania Twain – I Feel So Country
Shania Twain – She Da Bomb
Shania Twain – Something That I Can Sing
Shania Twain – Long Live Rock & Roll
Shania Twain – 1999
Shania Twain – High Maintenance Girl
Faith Hill – Line Dancer
Chely Wright – No Win, No Lose Situation
Patty Loveless – Patty Loveless Eyes
Randy Travis – Swim With Dolphins
Garth Brooks – Something That I Can Sing
Billy Ray Cyrus – God Given Talent
Candy Heim – Back In The 60s
Katrina Lynn – Born To Sing
Liza Doolittle – I Need Love
Barbie – I Saw A Woman
Phantom – Heartbreaker
Jekyll & Hyde – Heartbreaker
Mr. Universe – I Need Love
Romeo – I Need Love
Nutty Professor – I Need Love
Santa Claus – Wintertime
Santa Claus – Merry Christmas
Humpty Dumpty – Up & Running!
Julie Newmar – Sexpot!
Jayne Mansfield – Sexpot!
Brigitte Bardot – Sexpot!
Jane Fonda – Back In The 60s
Raquel Welch – Back In The 60s
Niki Taylor – High Maintenance Girl
Krissy Taylor – Krissy
Emma Peel – You’ll Be Satisfied
John Steed – You’ll Be Satisfied
James Dean – Name, Number & Message
Leonardo DiCaprio – I Need Love
New York Yankees – 1979
Mark McGwire – 1999
Adolf Hitler – Twenty-First Century Man
Tricky Dicky – Back In The 60s
Richard Nixon – Judgment Day
Lyndon Johnson – Back In The 60s
Lyndon Johnson – Judgment Day
Jimmy Carter – 1979
Bill Clinton – 1999
Buddha – Nirvana Will Be Hell
Mohammed – Nirvana Will Be Hell
David – Jesus Died For You & Me
The Apostle Paul – What About The Changes?
Jesus Christ – Jesus Paid My Debt
Merry Christmas
Swim With Dolphins
Jesus Died For You & Me
Living Within Ourselves
What About The Changes?
Someday Michael
Give Me Life
Nirvana Will Be Hell


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