Nashville – Someday Michael
Nashville – Swim With Dolphins
Nashville – Born To Sing
Nashville – Song About Angels
Nashville – Makings Of A Star
Nashville – Satisfied
Nashville – Judgment Day
Nashville – Snowflakes In a Blizzard
Nashville – Hard One To Lose
16th Avenue, Music Row – Born To Sing
Music Row – My Heart Is In Montana
Grand Ole Opry – Swim With Dolphins
Cracker Barrel – I Feel So Country
Lebanon – 20 Years Ago
Knoxville – 20 Years Ago
Tennessee – Someday Michael
Tennessee – Born To Sing
Tennessee – I Love You & You Love Me
Louisville – No Win, No Lose Situation
Louisville – Line Dancer
Crestwood, Kentucky – Line Dancer
I-65 – No Win, No Lose Situation
Red Wing – Someday Michael
Red Wing – You’ll Be Satisfied
Hollywood – Makings Of A Star
California – Long Live Rock & Roll
California – Songs About Angels
Arizona – Songs About Angels
Texas – Hard One To Lose
Las Vegas – How Did You Do That?
Las Vegas – Leaving
Las Vegas – Makings Of A Star
Las Vegas – Back To Vegas
Las Vegas – Fever Pitch
Hoover Dam – Back To Vegas
Death Valley – Back To Vegas
Montana – My Heart Is In Montana
Denver – Snowflakes In A Blizzard
Aspen, Colorado – Wintertime
St. Louis – Long Live Rock & Roll
Branson – Born To Sing
Cleveland – Long Live Rock & Roll
Woodstock – Back In The 60s
Georgia – No Win, No Lose Situation
Atlanta – Born To Sing
Daytona Beach – Summertime
Cancun – Take Me To Cancun
Yucatan – Take Me To Cancun
Hawaii – Swim With Dolphins
Hawaii – Breaking Ground
Hawaii – Hawaii
Waikiki – Swim With Dolphins
Waikiki – Hawaii
Mauna Kea – Swim With Dolphins
Mauna Kea – Hawaii
Diamond Head Crater – Hawaii
Pearl Harbor – Hawaii
Germany – Back In The 60s
Stockholm, Sweden – Title
Stockholm – Stockholm Lady
Stockholm – I’m So In Love
Arlanda – Stockholm, Sweden
Baltic Sea – Stockholm, Sweden
London – Long Live Rock & Roll
London – High Maintenance Girl
Liverpool – Long Live Rock & Roll
Paris – High Maintenance Girl
Australia – Southern Stars
Australia – I’ll Be Fine
Sydney – Southern Stars
Sydney – I’ll Be Fine
Wiruna – Southern Stars
Vietnam – Back In The 60s
Vietnam – Judgment Day
Africa – Wild Tigers
Serengeti – Wild Tigers
African plain – Save The Planet
The moon – Back In The 60s
Mars – All Roads Lead To You
Mars – Twenty-First Century Man
Mars – Southern Stars
Saturn – Southern Stars
Canopus – Southern Stars
Magellanic Clouds – Southern Stars


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